Sunday, October 29, 2006

yesterday evening, on a whim, peter and i took the train to kaohsiung. while we were wandering around we came upon the wonder woman dvds, and couldn't resist. it's been years and years since i've seen the show. so many little things i'd forgotten about and a lot of little things i got a kick out of seeing again: the way her eyes flash during the opening credits, the way she spins around to change her clothes, and those stars between scenes. we've only watched the pilot episode, but am i reading too much into this or is there some gay subtext going on? i mean paradise island being a paradise where men were not required, the women competing to decide who got to take steve off the island had uniforms that displayed a red triangle(ok, so it's not pink but still(which was also used to keep score on the score board)), etc. another thing i doubt i even noticed when the show was on the air is how wonder woman makes reference to treating women better/as equals etc.

aside from the wonderful kookiness of the show, i'm in love with the music. i suspect alot of it may be library music, but whoever did it i wish i had it on cd to listen to over and over again.