Sunday, November 05, 2006

pinhole cameras by wayne martin belger. yes, that skull is a pinhole camera. very very impressive:

All the cameras are machined out of 6061 (aircraft quality) aluminum with tolerances kept within 1000th of an inch to ensure the cameras will be completely light tight and function smoothly.

They all have stainless steel tripod mounts, adjustable focal lengths (with the exception of the Bee camera) and will take a standard 4x5 Polaroid back. Other parts can range from stainless steel surgical tools, rusty parts from abandoned mining camps in the Mojave and Death Valley Deserts, to insects, plants, carved bone, and even a real human heart in the back of one of the camera’s pressure plates.

With no lenses or mirrors you have just pure light passing through a small hole in the front of the camera. It’s pure unaltered light and time that will create the image on the film. A pure reflection of what is at that moment. Exposures can go from 1.5 seconds to 30 minutes or more. So when I’m in the field with my cameras, I am capturing the infinite number of moments that exist in the stillness of light and time.

via teamdroid.