Tuesday, January 30, 2007

on saturday peter and i got out of the house a little earlier than usual so we could hit the hsimenting flea market one of my students had told me out(larger pictures can be found here here and here).

this marks the third flea market in taiwan i've been to and it's the first one in tainan i've been to. it was pretty small, but still fun to look at the junk for sale. surprisingly i didn't buy anything. i think concerns about space are making me more picky about what i pick up at flea markets and the such.

eventhough the flea market was small i still saw a few cool cameras. a seagull and a polaroid camera used to take passport pictures among others. there were records for sale too, but i didn't really spend much time looking through them. i'm still thinking about this toolcraft box. i'm really curious if it was empty, if so maybe i should have gotten it. i'm sure i could have found something to store in it. hmm.

while i was taking one of these shots an old man with blood red teeth(a sign of chewing betel nut) came up to me very curious about my brownie hawkeye flash. i told him it was a camera(in chinese). he didn't seem to understand what i said until another old man repeated what i said. his red teeth were sort of freaking me out so after that i wandered off to find peter. of course now i'm wishing i would have taken his picture.

the flea market is on bei an road and yude road just before you cross bei an bridge.