Friday, January 19, 2007

plagiarise or take on loan. further proof that there is a group for just about everything on flickr. this one for those smiths fans out there. the info on the group states:

Are you among a special breed of flickr-ists? Those who often have Smiths and Morrissey lyrics on the tip of the tongue?

If so, welcome home.

This group is the place for photos titled with words of the Smiths and Moz, whether those words are lyrics, song titles, or album names. Please note that your picture need not have anything whatsoever to do with the Smiths or Morrissey (although it certainly may). However, please do make sure that there is at least some reasonable connection between the title and the photo.

Have fun, and enjoy exploring "the harsh truth of the camera eye..."

of course i couldn't help but join. and i added this shot to the pool. i usually try to avoid song titles as picture titles, but this group may just get me to make an exception to that rule.