Monday, January 01, 2007

yesterday was new year's eve. peter's and my friend edward came down from taipei to spend the holiday with us. after driving all the way down here from taipei, he drove us to kaohsiung to attend the main festivities there. before going to the park we went to dinner. we walked into a teppanaki(sp?) restaurant. usually, i'm not very fond of going into restaurants that don't have their prices openly on display as it usually means they are out of my price range. this time we made an exception and it was indeed expensive(25-30 u.s. per person), but the service was pretty decent and the food was plentiful(too much for me in fact).

after eating we headed to the park. i usually avoid these big new year events as the music is usually something i don't want to suffer through. well, when we finally found a place to stand to watch one of the big screens, i was soon wishing i could kill those on stage. bad idol singers galore, most of whom i'm pretty certain were lipsynching. at one point i was so bored i took out my cell phone and started to play tetris. the highlight of waiting for the big countdown was watching the grandma standing in front of us cutting the rug to the faster numbers. when the countdown came i was expecting a good fireworks show. well, there were a few fireworks, but rather wimpy and disappointing. i think we saw better fireworks at peter's sister's wedding a few months ago. ironically in another part of the city campo was having their own new year celebrations with a few bands i'd actually like to see. but seeing as i'd been at campo the day before(more on that to come in the next post)i didn't really feel like going again, plus at the time i went to campo we hadn't made firm plans for what we'd do.

despite the disappointment, it was fun to go somewhere new. so how'd you spend your holiday?