Friday, February 02, 2007

7-11 here in taiwan is having a peanuts promotion. when you spend over a certain amount of money you get these 3-d sort of cards of snoopy in various locations(when you move it, the image moves/changes). also included with those are a coupon for some product 7-11 sells. there's probably some bigger prize you can win if you get a lucky card, but i've not bothered to figure out what it is. as part of this promotion certain products come with little square reliefs of various peanuts characters. here are the four i've gotten so far with the 7-11 brand water.

taiwan tends to be the land of cheap promotions. aside from the usual toy promos you get when ordering a kids meal at various fast food restaurants, you sometimes are given the option to spend a little extra money and just buy the special promo product(i have a doraemon radio that was gotten this way). nearly all the credit card applications i've seen(on the street at least) offer some sort of gift(often toys/stuffed animals).

on one hand it seems pretty cool. but i suspect at some point a lot of this crap is just going to end up in a landfill somewhere.