Thursday, April 26, 2007

moving on up...

i've moved my blog over to wordpress. they have a free basic service which seems simple enough to use. and at least i have comments again. please update your bookmarks(for those that have them), eventually i'll probably kill the blogger version of robot action boy.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

camera cards make me happy

this is by far the best card i've gotten from postcrossing. it makes me want to run out and send off some more postcards. i'm planning to hit another diy market this weekend, so i'm hoping to find some worthy cards for postcrossing adventures.

things have been pretty sporadic around here. i still haven't managed to get comments to work again. blogger seems pretty unhelpful so i'm looking at moving the blog. right now i'm considering both wordpress and moveable type. either of these options will require a lot more work(at least initially) on my end. but hopefully in the end they'd make things much better. if anyone has other suggestions feel free to email me about it.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

pop songs 07

pop songs 07. a blogger decides to write about every rem song eventually. he's not doing it chronologically, but jumping around throughout the discography which is nice. it's got me making me want to listen to early rem again, but unfortunately, the only rem i have on cd is the newer stuff which i don't really care for as much. via quiddity.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


man, if i was in california i'd so be going to this event. a lifesize mousetrap:

The unique design of this giant, Rube Goldberg-style contraption was cleverly gleaned from the memories of childhood, twisted out of scale, then sketched beyond life size. It features an enormous construct of crazy stairs, a flame-throwing lamppost, careening bowling balls, and a hand-built, 30-foot-tall crane capable of lifting and dropping 5 tons! The object of this vaudevillian encounter is to "accomplish by complex means what seemingly could be done simply"! So our lucky players get to lift a 400-lb cast-iron bathtub 13 feet into the air, crank cranks, load springs and turn impossibly huge gears, all in a supreme effort to crush a trinket of meaning (say, a 1,200 lb pumpkin) under a falling 2-ton bank safe! The Mousetrap is impressive as a static sculpture, but it is the motion, started by a human, that is the heart of its existence.

i've heard that some libraries in taipei actually carry make magazine. i should check and see if any of the ones down here do. via stone cold pimpin'.

the super 8 itch

i ran across this nifty site on super 8. as a result, i'm really itching to pick up a super 8 camera and make some super 8 films. i wonder where i can get super 8 processed in taiwan?

Sunday, April 15, 2007

antichrist and barcodes

from one of those live current 93 performances i'm always wishing i lived close enough to to attend. i love the fact that david tibet looks like some mad 70s preacher - which in someways is probably not too far from the truth. if you crave more a gothic love song can be seen here.

Monday, April 09, 2007

love play diy market again

today peter and i went to the love play diy market again. it seemed a bit smaller than last time, but i suspect some people may be down in kenting for the big music festival down there. some of the vendors i was hoping would be here this time weren't, but i still managed to find some cool stuff.

this card by nutn(actually, i don't know the name of the designer, but that's the name of their photo album so it'll have to do) is cool and i'm pretty sure it's not just a card but some sort of woodblock print which makes it even more special.

also i really loved this polaroid camera inspired card by room design:

it even comes with a little card that you can put a photo on like it's a real polaroid(and pull it through a slit in the camera card). they had the camera it's based on sitting on their table. i couldn't help but stare at it. i guess this is just another confirmation of what a camera geek i've become.

Friday, April 06, 2007

in the meantime...

well, still no word on when the comments will be back. i have however, gotten two form letters from blogger letting me know that they are backlogged with problems since forcing people to switch to the new blogger. i think it may be time to check the help forums again and see if anyone has posted a way to solve this problem(there wasn't last time i checked). but anyway, comments or no i'm back to blogging.

and my first post since being back? a quick tour of phone cam shots of tainan:

good hygeine is a good thing.

a poster telling you what to do if your car breaks down on the train tracks:

in case of a breakdown or obstacle at a railway crossing, please carry out these three safety tips: 2.push

press the buttons first, push your car next and run away when train approaches!

does anything on this sign seem vaguely familiar? could it be kfc? i'd heard that all of these klg shops had gone out of business or been forced out, but there are still a few left in southern taiwan. haven't tried their chicken yet though.

a hello kitty hardrive. just what every computer savvy hello kitty nut needs. on closer inspection i'm not sure this is a hardrive. do hardrives usually come with a remote control?