Saturday, March 06, 2004

beta-lactam records have put up a concert from 1986 by edward ka-spel for download(you have to scroll down a bit). there are even a few legendary pink dots songs performed as well. the 80s is my favourite period for ka-spel and legendary pink dots releases, so i'm very happy about this.

there are some drawbacks though. the mp3 is one long file(but it is at a high bit rate), and the artwork they provide requires that you use this program called stuff it to open the file. i hate it when i have to download a program just to open something(especially when i have no real interest in the program itself). i'm not very happy with this program as it decided to change all the zip file associations on my computer without asking to do so. another drawback is it doesn't seem to come with any information on uninstalling. it's only a trial version, but i'd still like a simple way to uninstall it. if i'd been interested in buying it, this would cement the fact that i wouldn't do so. via the cloud-zero list.