Sunday, March 07, 2004

an interesting article on blogs:

"What we're finding is that the important people on the Web are not necessarily the people with the most explicit links (back to their sites), but the people who cause epidemics in blog networks," said researcher Eytan Adar.

These infectious people can be hard to find because they do not always receive attribution for being the first to point to an interesting idea or news item.

Indeed, the team at HP Labs found that when an idea infected at least 10 blogs, 70 percent of the blogs did not provide links back to another blog that had previously mentioned the idea.

this is something i've noticed quite a bit, people not giving credit to where they found a link or article, or even cases of people stealing images from a web page and making it look like the idea originated with them. the article goes on to talk about a program they have developed to decipher a blog rank. of course when i put in my blog, i get no results found. hmm. i guess i'm really under the radar then. via j-walk.