Monday, April 05, 2004

for the first time in over 5 years, i've got an english operating system. we were sort of forced to switch to the english version, as we'd recently installed a dvd burner on the computer and the software to burn things automatically installs in the language the computer is in. some programs i can get buy in chinese, but with this i really needed to know what was going on in english. so we were forced to switch to english.

so far things are not running very smoothly, the computer takes forever to start, and i can no longer see the pictures on the blog. i can see them if i cut and paste the source, and then hit the back button(i mean i cut and paste the source of the image, i can see the image then, and if i hit back and go back to the blog, i can see that one picture - if i hit refresh the picture disappears again). peter seems pretty clueless as to why this might be happening. if anyone has any ideas i'd like to hear them.