Monday, July 25, 2005

echoes of forgotten places:

On the fringes of every city lie the relics of our industrial past. Swept aside to make way for condos and shopping malls or left to decay in silence: these huge structures stand as a testament to the acomplishments of the industrial age.

For many people around the world, these places hold a special fascination. Urban Explorers and industrial Archaeologists seek to preserve and explore the unseen and forgotten.

Echoes of Forgotten Places is a unique journey into locations rarely seen by the public. Visit decaying factories, decomissioned power stations, storm drains and many other mysterious places.

Stunning imagery and a haunting music score from Robin Guthrie of Cocteau Twins and treated piano by Leesa Beales caputures the moods and atmospheres of these strange, empty and decaying environments.

Echoes of Forgotten Places brings the past alive, illuminates the present, and points a cautionary way towards the future.

it sounds interesting. the clip available on the site is intriguing. but of possibly even more interest(at least for me) is that according to this thread(where i first heard about this) there are extra galleries on the dvd of still images some taken with toy cameras!