Sunday, July 24, 2005

tonight peter and i went to see the hitchiker's guide to the galaxy. i enjoyed it. i wouldn't say it was the best film ever, but it's always fun to spend some time in that world again.

after the film peter and i went to eslite as he wanted to look for a computer book. while he went in search of his book i wandered around the store and what did i find but vinyl will kill. a book(well, more than a book actually) i thought i was going to have to ask them to special order for me. it was a little expensive, but looks to be worth it. i've only thumbed through the book but it looks rather nice. one thing i found a bit odd is where they refer to "the scene" in vinyl toys. i never really think of toys having a scene. music yes, but toys - no. maybe i'm just out of the loop.

the deck of web trading cards are nice too with urls printed on them that i'll no doubt be spending quite a bit of time exploring. one thing i noticed about the cards is that the colours in the images are a bit flat. i've noticed this sort of thing cropping up in some books i've seen recently as well. where the colours aren't as vibrant as they should be. my suspicion is that this may have something to do with the printer or something that went wrong or wasn't checked in the digital files(assuming they were printed off digital files which it seems most things are these days).