Friday, October 07, 2005

october 3rd marked the third birthday of robot action boy. back in 2002 when i started this blog there were very few blogs from taiwan, now it seems everytime i turn around there is a new one being born or someone giving up.

i sometimes feel like i should post more about taiwan, but there are other blogs that do that and it's never been my main focus. basically i blog about what i like to do or things i've discovered/seen. this may or may not include things happening here in taiwan. but i still feel a certain amount of pressure. it's funny if i was taiwanese it probably wouldn't even be an issue.

i also feel like i should post more about gay issues, but most of the time can't be bothered. for some people their sexuality is who they are - a sort of role they are playing. but i'm not like that and find that kind of thinking rather limiting. sexuality is important, but there's more to life than sex after all.