Wednesday, October 05, 2005

this week's audioscrobbler chart. just like i said last week, lots of monochrome set this week. last week i disovered an audioscrobbler group devoted to the el record label. this week thanks to the exoticalist i discovered that el is re-issuing some les baxter. nice.

it looks like there is some special 4AD event going on in london in honor of the label's 25th anniversary. there's also some sort of compilation coming out in association with this as well as a cocteau twins boxset(containing the first four albums i think).

the wolfgang press were one of my favourite 4AD bands. it looks like michael allen has a new project out called geniuser. it's a collaboration with giuseppe de bellis who has apparently worked with the orb. it's out on the phisteria label. the geniuser website has a q&a section where it's revealed that the first wolfgang press album and the mass album will be reissued on cd. two re-issues i'm very looking forward to getting.

note: coke and computers don't mix. if the pictures are not showing up this is a result of mixing the two.