Sunday, July 23, 2006

from a post on the frameworks mailing list. some experimental film on youtube. since it's you tube the quality is pretty bad, but nice to get an idea of what some of these things look like. films by nam june paik, ed emshwiller, stan brakhage, len lye, etc. are all to be found. i wish more of this stuff would come out as high quality dvds because it does suffer quite badly from this sort of compression. while poking around for more nam june paik i came across this ymo video for their cover of martin denny's fireworks:

speaking of youtube, there's a rather short but interesting thread on what rights you give up if you upload your own work to you tube. if you are uploading other people's work(which it seems most people are) then it may not be such a big deal. but if you happen to be uploading your own films/music then you may want to be a bit more careful. seems that is still a better deal in that respect.