Saturday, July 22, 2006

what a surprise. a live album from yma sumac for download. and a russian live album at that:

In 1961, she toured the Soviet Union for six months singing to sell-out crowds and an album, called Recital was produced in Romania of the show in Bucharest. The album is called: Yma Sumac - Live in Concert 1961 - The Russian Tour - her only 'live in concert' record ever issued. Featured in the tour were the original "Inca Taki Trio" which was composed of Yma Sumac, Cholita Rivero (who provided backup vocals and dancing) and Moisés Vivanco on guitar. She also did a number of shows later in the '60s in the U.S., most notably at New York's Château Madrid in 1968.

via pcl linkdump.

speaking of mp3 blogs i've heard rumours that mondo daddykin may be shutting down due to complaints about their downloads. i'd hate to see that. what is it with rapidshare - do they just automatically stop and delete downloads when they get a complaint or do they actually look into it to see if the complaints are legitimate? makes me think of how flickr handles complaints of nudity..