Thursday, March 08, 2007

last weekend i picked up this special edition magazine(or book?) devoted to old toys in taiwan(that is toys available in taiwan, not neccesarily designed and created here). mainly toys from the 1960s-1980s. it's chock full of great images. seeing the cap guns and the caps gave me the most nostalgia for some reason.

i couldn't resist scanning some of the stuff. i think this is a coloring book:

i'm not sure what kind of book this is. but i love the 60s style illustration:

there is a section on bendable toys, and this donald and mickey are just plain freaky!

this one is also a bit freaky. party toy? stress reliever? or tool of satan?

two plastic dollies. there is a third in the magazine, but the scan didn't turn out well so you just have two of the three.

and finally, some wacky speed racer cards. whenever i ask people about speed racer here and if it was ever shown people don't seem to know what i'm talking about. but when i showed peter these images he said he remembered it. i was starting to wonder if it had only been shown in the west.

at the back of the magazine/book it mentions where to look for old things. they list the two flea markets in taipei(one of which i've been to many times and another i never got to since it was far from where i was living), one in kaohsiung i've been to a few times, and one in taichung i plan to go to soon.