Wednesday, March 07, 2007

sometime last week i got this issue of jpg magazine in the mail. i originally wanted to order this copy from them on line but it appears that they only offer subscriptions but not individual copies for sale. i couldn't find it locally so asked my sister if she could pick it up for me which she did. after she did, i discovered on a trip to taipei that they stock it at the eslite bookstore. i was shocked(and am still a little in shock), but i've not seen it at the eslite down here in tainan, so it may just be the dunnan branch that is getting it. still cool to know it's available somewhere in taiwan even if it's not all that close to tainan.

the magazine was much larger than i expected. i like the images in it, but i wish they would have included information on cameras. it's like going to a museum and being given no information about what a piece was made with.

the articles i found for the most part to be too short. the one on the diana(and her clones) was nice. the article on hacking a holga to use on a digital camera was pretty pointless as far as i'm concerned. the interview with randy at holgamods was way too short. the article is surrounded by lots of white space and small pictures. it just felt like a missed opportunity. overall the magazine was ok, but i'm not sure if i'll buy it again or not(i think it'll depend on the issue/theme). lightleaks and shots magazines are much more in line with my way of thinking i guess, but i am happy a magazine like this has managed to become this succesful without a lot of corporate interference.