Friday, March 02, 2007

over the lunar new year holiday there was a diy market in tainan. so one day peter and i checked it out. it was pretty small, and a bit disappointing. almost no postcards, and most of the vendors were selling things i wasn't interested in(ie jewelry or things that weren't even handmade). it was definately no campo.

i did find one vendor selling some postcards i liked and bought some from her. i recognized one vendor from the kaohsiung campo. there was supposed to be a campo in tainan this month, but apparently it's been cancelled. i've been told that they cancelled it because there will be too many diy markets in tainan this year. sounds like a lame excuse considering there are an awful lot of diy markets in taipei too. of course campo ideally should be more than just a diy market. if the one we went to is what most diy markets in tainan are like, they are a far cry from campo.