Saturday, March 03, 2007

tonight peter and i drove out to gold beach to see the view at night and to watch people setting off fireworks. after we arrived, peter suggested we get something to drink.

along the pavement at the edge of the beach are a string of makeshift coffee stands. when we reached the first one i noticed that they had karaoke set up outside. we didn't stop at that one luckily as i really don't want to have to hear people singing bad pop songs. the rest of the stands weren't much better. most blaring bland pop music in chinese.

finally we reached the last one and it was like they knew we were coming. no bad pop music - but andy williams! i got a caramel waffle and hot chocolate and peter got some sort of ice coffee. there were tables with umbrellas set up, but the nice thing was that the umbrellas were all set on their side so that each table was it's own private little bubble. it was quite nice to sit there eating and drinking and watching the waves and listening to andy.

after we ate we headed back to the scooter as we walked we saw a few people on the beach launching sky lanterns(those lanterns that float up into the sky with wishes written on them). it's something i don't get to see much of, but always love when i do.