Saturday, March 17, 2007

today i got up before god so i could catch the early train up to taichung(1.5 - 2 hour trip) to take in the flea market up there. the flea market was smaller than the ones in taipei and kaohsiung, but still nice. i didn't find any old pictures for sale, but lots of old vinyl, some toys and a variety of old asian stuff along with the usual assortment of power tools and sex toys. i took quite a few snapshots but i'm not sure how well they'll turn out as most of the flea market is in a covered area.

the only thing i bought while there were these postcards(they may look like originals but i'm sure their not. oh, and if you click on the thumbnails you'll be taken to a page to view them bigger). i bought them with the intention of sending them to a friend in the states.

one seller even had the magazine about old toys on hand(i blogged about it here - for some reason i expected that post to be more popular than it was). he was selling stuff that could be found in there - or things very similiar. but rather pricey. a little plastic boy on a tin tricycle for about 15 bucks u.s. ouch. some other sellers were selling the tatung mascot banks. but at (u.s.) 15 bucks and 25 bucks i won't be buying them anytime soon.

one seller talked to me in english and wasn't too happy that i took a picture of his wares without asking him first. seemed really odd to me. i then asked if i could take a picture of him and he said no.

there was one seller selling old cameras. among them a seagull and a rolleicord. i was afraid to ask how much the rollei was going for as cameras in taiwan tend to be expensive. they liked my brownie starflex, and were even more impressed when i told them i was shooting 35mm with it. i'm sure i'll regret not asking the price on that camera.