Sunday, March 11, 2007

yesterday i went to kaohsiung. of course i had to stop by the flea market. this day i found something i'd never seen at a flea market in taiwan before - film! and 120 film at that. i bought all the man had for sale. all of it expired(some from 1982 it looks like!).

my friend james is always finding cool old pictures at one of the taipei flea markets and other places. but i don't find them very often at the one in kaohsiung. but yesterday there was a lot of different people selling old photos. one picture i wanted was 50nt(about u.s. $1.50) so i passed on it. i think it had someone famous in it, but i just wanted it as it looked like some man at a hostess bar with some woman in an afro wig. another person had these small albums(like the size of a wallet but a bit smaller than that) of old pictures. i was really tempted by this one full of vacation shots, but 300 nt(around 10 bucks u.s.) was more than i really wanted to spend. and do i really need more things to scan? i'm not sure.

my main purpose for going to kaoshiung was to meet up with my friend keith. he'd invited me to attend the kaohsiung meet up. if i could type in chinese i'd probably participate in the forum there, but since my chinese just isn't that good i don't. everyone i met were super cool and friendly. they were most impressed with my staplebox pinhole. they invited me to go out on a group shoot today but i couldn't as i already had plans. hopefully they'll ask me next time as i'd really like to and it's not very often that i get to meet people who are crazy about taking pictures too.