Sunday, March 11, 2007

today peter and i went to the tainan diy market. apparently it's held every second sunday at the tainan municipal cultural center. i wish i would have known about it sooner. it was pretty crowded while we were there, but it was much better than the diy market we attended during the lunar new year holiday. lots of postcards and other funky goods for sale. a few of the vendors i recognized from other diy markets. i think there were even some high school students selling stuff they've made. there's something really nice about wandering around looking at diy stuff while a live punk band wails in the background.

of course i bought a bunch of postcards. i feel like the postcards are getting a little more expensive. i really like the cards by old new lady. all the cards have been burned around the edges(and really burnt as far as i can tell, so each one was a little different). i also dug the animal cards by p714. how could i resist cards that look like lost images from some children's book? always nice to pick up more fodder for my postcrossing activities.

if this diy market is always like this i may have no use for campo. it seems that there are alot of problems with campo lately and maybe they've lost sight of what made it special. i've heard stories that alot of the designers just do it because they want to become famous, not for the fun element like it was before. the funky and quirky art element has been missing from the last couple of campos i've been able to attend. it's just been a straight diy market, which in and of itself is fine, but campo used to be more.