Friday, April 06, 2007

in the meantime...

well, still no word on when the comments will be back. i have however, gotten two form letters from blogger letting me know that they are backlogged with problems since forcing people to switch to the new blogger. i think it may be time to check the help forums again and see if anyone has posted a way to solve this problem(there wasn't last time i checked). but anyway, comments or no i'm back to blogging.

and my first post since being back? a quick tour of phone cam shots of tainan:

good hygeine is a good thing.

a poster telling you what to do if your car breaks down on the train tracks:

in case of a breakdown or obstacle at a railway crossing, please carry out these three safety tips: 2.push

press the buttons first, push your car next and run away when train approaches!

does anything on this sign seem vaguely familiar? could it be kfc? i'd heard that all of these klg shops had gone out of business or been forced out, but there are still a few left in southern taiwan. haven't tried their chicken yet though.

a hello kitty hardrive. just what every computer savvy hello kitty nut needs. on closer inspection i'm not sure this is a hardrive. do hardrives usually come with a remote control?