Monday, April 09, 2007

love play diy market again

today peter and i went to the love play diy market again. it seemed a bit smaller than last time, but i suspect some people may be down in kenting for the big music festival down there. some of the vendors i was hoping would be here this time weren't, but i still managed to find some cool stuff.

this card by nutn(actually, i don't know the name of the designer, but that's the name of their photo album so it'll have to do) is cool and i'm pretty sure it's not just a card but some sort of woodblock print which makes it even more special.

also i really loved this polaroid camera inspired card by room design:

it even comes with a little card that you can put a photo on like it's a real polaroid(and pull it through a slit in the camera card). they had the camera it's based on sitting on their table. i couldn't help but stare at it. i guess this is just another confirmation of what a camera geek i've become.